Two Siberians

Press release

TWO SIBERIANS is a unique instrumental duo. As the name suggests, Artem Yakushenko (violin) and Yuri Matveev (guitar) are both from Siberia and intimately know and understand its mysteries.

They are the authors of several hundred original music pieces. The raw, engaging instrumental sound, the incredible musical and personal rapport among the two, the genuine exuberance of the live performances have been winning the hearts of music lovers all over the world.

Here's just a short list of the international festivals the Two Siberians have participated in recently: Rodchester Jazz Festival (USA), Boston Tango Wood (USA), JVC (USA), Saratoga Jazz Festival (USA), Livercusin Jazz Festival (Germany), Oslo World Music Festival (Norway), Invasion (Russia), Usadba Jazz (Russia), VRox (Russia).

Their performance venues include some of the world's best known, such as the Lincoln Center (New York City), the Olympiyskiy (Moscow, Russia), the Central House of Music (Moscow, Russia), the Tchaikovsky Concert hall (Moscow, Russia), to name just a few.

Music critics from around the world have been debating how to best describe the genre these “crazy Siberians” are performing in:

"Stunning, innovative fusion of cultures and musical idioms. Amazing unison Two Siberians raises deep, masterly and gorgeous melodies to a new level!" Bill Milkowski, music critic Rolling Stone.

"I saw the performance Two Siberians and was literally shocked. And not just me – everyone who heard them felt the same!" Russ, Titelman – producer, Grammy award winner.

"The original sound, with great melodies, mastery of their instruments. They look like they're full of rocket fuel! Two Siberians are amazing!" Michael Brecker – winner of 15 Grammy awards.

It's no wonder the Two Siberians have attracted the attention of some of the world's most famous and talented musicians, having already performed with

Michael Brecker , Richard Bona , Jethro Tull , Chick Corea , Dave Brubeck , George Benson , Djivan Gasparyan , Accept , Dianne Reeve, Joe Zawinul, and many others.


--First Prize, 2011 International Song-writing Competition (Instrumental category). 


--Musician of the Year 2012, RAW Portland Artists Showcase. 


--Grand Prize, Tom Jackson Song Makeover contest on Broadjam, March 2012. 


--Fusion Song of the Month on  HYPERLINK "", Nov. 2011. 


--Crowd Favorite Award, Rochester International Jazz Festival, 2003. 


--Golden Mask Award (Russian national music and theater award) for their score for the “Winter’s Tale” show, Children's Theater, 2003. 


--Golden Mask Nomination for their ballet "My Green Love" 2000.



1995: Peculiar Reality (CD, Russia.) 

1996: Ancient Cave (CD, Russia. This and all following albums were released in Russia under the band name of "Belyi Ostrog," (“White Fort” in Russian). 

1997: Forgotten Name (CD, Russia) 

2000: Out of the Woods (Demo CD, USA. This album was released under the band name of "Two Siberians") 

2001: My Green Love (Ballet score, Russia) 

2002: Two from Siberia (CD, Russia) 

2002: Next 2 (TV series soundtrack, Russia) 

2003: Next 3 (TV series soundtrack, Russia) 

2004: Two Kings (CD, Russia) 

2005: Out of Nowhere (CD, USA. Released under the "Two Siberians") 

2005: 6/8 (CD, Russia) 

2006: Duke of Montenegro (Film soundtrack, Russia) 

2011: Two Kings (CD, USA) 

2012: 6/8 (CD, USA)


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