Two Siberians

"A stunning new fusion between cultures and idioms.... with their dazzling unisons, the TWO SIBERIANS bring depth, virtuosity and great melodies to a new place."
Bill Milkowski, Music Critic (Rolling Stone, etc.)
"With an original sound, great tunes, complete command over their instruments - and seemingly propelled by rocket fuel - the TWO SIBERIANS are simply amazing."
Eight-times GRAMMY winner Michael Brecker

"Original and fresh and with an improbable broad appeal, I have not seen or heard anything quite like this. TWO SIBERIANS rock.... flavorfully. It’s amazing how much energy comes from these two guys. I booked them in a heartbeat, and they were the hit of the JVC Saratoga festival."

Dan Melnick / Festival Productions (New Orleans Jazz & Heritage, Newport Jazz Festival)
"I ran across the TWO SIBERIANS performing on the street and I was awestruck. Everyone was awestruck."
"Producer of the Year" GRAMMY winner Russ Titelman


01/14/2015 - 2:00pm
Сегодня 14.01.2015 в 20:00 – 22:00 ‪Two Siberians‬ "Свое Радио " в программе "Живые"
07/01/2014 - 12:17pm

10 июля в Клубе Алексея Козлова  Two Siberians сыграют большой сольный концерт. В программу выступления войдут композиции со всех альбомов коллектива, выпущенных музыкантами Юрием Матвеевым и Артемом Якушенко с 1995 по 2013 годы в России и Америке.


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